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Plastic Free July
Disposable plastic is a big problem. It takes centuries to break down and in the meantime gets into waterways and the fish and other creatures. Scientists predict that by 2050 the ocean will have more plastic than fish. Between 2000 and 2010 the world made more plastic than in the previous century. Something needs to be done.
Take the Plastic Free July challenge and avoid disposable plastic. Do it for a day, a week or all month.

Seminars at Emmanuel College, St Lucia

These seminars might be of interest:

  • 28 July: Physics, Metaphysics and Theology

Rev Dr Stephen Ames is a priest who has doctorates in Physics and Metaphysics. This is going to be a two session treat.

  • 18 August: Theology and Landcare with Dr Chris Dalton

Other Events will be posted on the Earth Link Facebook page as they are advertised. Go to

Environmental Actions  

Action on Climate Change

·        Community Climate Petition 

Caritas and ARRCC are working towards action by multi-faith groups during the year. This is an important moment to send a strong message that we want strong action on climate change!

How to get involved:

Become a Principal Petitioner – this is someone who is willing to have their name on the petition and is involved in organising the handover event with the MP

Become a Petition Organiser – this is someone who collects signatures on the petition in their church, school, and / or community

Register - To make this as effective as we can we need to coordinate who is doing what and where. It’s therefore really important that you register here. Your details will only be used for this campaign. After registering, you will be sent the specific petition for your electorate.

For more info have a look at the Community Climate Petition Guide & a sample petition

If you have any questions you can Check out our FAQs.

  • Tell ComBank to rule out Adani

Get background for your action from Market Forces:

Other Centres/Offering

Ecological Retreats