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Spirituality, What it is and Why it matters

This book by Roger Gottlieb reflects his background as Professor of Philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is internationally known for his work as a leading analyst and exponent of religious environmentalism, for his passionate and moving account of spirituality in an age of environmental crisis.  His approach to spirituality is inclusive of those whose spirituality derives from their religious identity as well as those who do not have a metaphysical orientation. 

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Great Brochure on CSG

Uniting Earth Web has produced this very user-friendly guide to CSG and to Uniting Church responses.

Australian attitudes on climate change changing

Read the Climate Institute’s Climate of the Nation report which has found that Australian’s attitudes towards climate change are changing towards greater agreement about the reality of climate change and the human contribution to that.

A Day of Listening to Earth

The South Australian Council of Churches has put together a beautiful resource for a day of listening to the Earth. Contains lots of interesting ideas.

A Global perspective on Climate Issues

This collection of stunning videos shown during the Bonn Climate change talks in June this year shows a range of ways the environment is being impacted around the world.

New Hope for the Climate

 A very good and optimistic recent article from Al Gore in Rolling Stone Magazine:

Unconventional Fossil Fuels

Corporate Watch has released its new cutting-edge report: 'To the Ends of the Earth: a Guide to Unconventional Fossil Fuels'.
Download for free here:

Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution - Leslie E Sponsel

Ecological anthropologist Leslie Sponsel spent ten years preparing this work, which studies the intellectual history and significance of the Spiritual Ecology Revolution. Sponsel believes that in order to preserve our planet we need to truly rethink the place of humans in nature, and this requires an appreciation for the world’s many religious and spiritual traditions. Read more about the book here.

Unfair Shares: How Coal Mines Bought the Hunter

A brand new report commissioned by Lock the Gate Alliance has revealed the scale of water consumption by coal mines in the Hunter region and the extensive damage being done to both surface and groundwater in the region by expanded open cut coal mining.  Check out the key findings here:

Sustainable Living

Recycling Tips

These sites will facilitate your recycling: and

Links for Recycling

Check out this site for useful info and strategies: 


Ethical Consumption

The Ethical Consumer Group provides you with guides for sustainable shopping and more:

Purchase ecobins for home or work

You can purchase bins online at