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Article: An Unexpected Source of Praise

David Suzuki on the awesomeness of the Pope:


 Lenten resources 2016

The following resources have an environmental focus:

·        Lenten Carbon Fast adapted for Australia

·        Forty days with Scripture and Laudato Si

·        The Grace of Place:

·        Laudato Si Reflection Resource

·        Spiritual Works of Mercy in the context of Laudato Si’ starting with “Instruct the Ignorant”: ·         

Prayer Intention for February  Healing Earth-linking science and spirituality 

The Pope’s prayer intention for February is: “That we may take good care of creation-a gift freely given-cultivating and protecting it for future generations”.  A link to a video announcing this is available at

New Thomas Berry website

This has been put together by Mary Evelyn Tucker who says: “We think it will help to get Thomas' ideas out even further, especially with so many of his talks now available on this website. This is due to the faithful recording of his talks by Lou Niznik, Jane Blewett's husband, and the generous help of Don Smith in Calgary Canada in preparing them for the internet.”:    

Healing Earth-linking science and spirituality 

Healing Earth is a free online environmental textbook written by over 90 contributors around the world and sponsored by leaders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) worldwide. Healing Earth addresses the most pressing environmental issues of our time, including loss of biodiversity, natural resource exhaustion, transition to sustainable energy, the quality and availability of food and water, and global climate change. All of these issues threaten our common home, disproportionately affecting the marginalized people of the world by having enormous impacts on the global economy, social violence, climate refugees, and world poverty. Healing Earth raises students' scientific awareness, probes the ethical implications of our environmental crises, challenges students to think deeply about the meaning of the natural world in our lives, and calls all of us to action that heals the Earth:

Prawn Guide

Concerned about the quality of the prawns that are on the market? Check out this site and this guide:

New Report from the Climate Council

2015 was the hottest year on record AGAIN.  It’s key findings are

1.    2015 was the hottest year on record globally. Climate change was a major factor in driving the record-breaking heat in 2015 worldwide.

2.    Climate change is a major factor in extreme heat and fire in Australia

3.    Temperature records are being smashed across many regions of the world, largely through the influence of climate change.

If you do nothing else, check out the infographic at :

Sustainable Living

Recycling Tips

These sites will facilitate your recycling: and

These sites have been recommendedd by a viewer:





Links for Recycling

Check out this site for useful info and strategies: 

Although this site is from the USA it contains many helfpul suggestions   Thanks to a group of our readers for this link.

Thanks to a reader of our website for this link to info about composting:   There may be adjustments that need to be made for our climate and conditions as the site is from New York.

Ethical Consumption

The Ethical Consumer Group provides you with guides for sustainable shopping and more:

Purchase ecobins for home or work

You can purchase bins online at

Sustainable Seafood App

This app is a guide to purchasing seafood wisely: