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Article: Ecological Conversion and Cultural Transformation

The review this month is in the form of an article by Donal Dorr whose focus is on cultural ecological conversion as a theme in the encyclical, Laudato Si. 

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Resources on the Encyclical

Earth Link has prepared a list of resources on the encyclical  after trawling through the material that is coming in.  The list will be updated as new material comes to hand.  Check out the list at

Halfway to Paris

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris now just a few months away, the latest report from the Climate Council, Halfway to Paris: How the world is tracking on climate change, explores how the world is stepping up action on climate change.

Green Vehicle Guide

Wanting to make an informed decision when purchasing your next vehicle?  Check out this guide:

What’s the Deal with Shenhua?

The federal government has approved a 35 km² Shenhua coal mine in the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales. See the 14 things you need to know about it.

Julia Roberts as Mother Nature

A series of fascinating online videos is  promoting the appreciation of creation.  Hear some of your favourite voices in quite a different role:  To see all the videos, see Nature is Speaking.

Sustainable Living

Recycling Tips

These sites will facilitate your recycling: and

Links for Recycling

Check out this site for useful info and strategies: 

Although this site is from the USA it contains many helfpul suggestions   Thanks to a group of our readers for this link.

Thanks to a reader of our website for this link to info about composting:   There may be adjustments that need to be made for our climate and conditions as the site is from New York.

Ethical Consumption

The Ethical Consumer Group provides you with guides for sustainable shopping and more:

Purchase ecobins for home or work

You can purchase bins online at

Sustainable Seafood App

This app is a guide to purchasing seafood wisely: