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Review: Partaking of God

This book by Denis Edwards was published in 2014.  The review gives you a summary of the way in which Edwards builds on the theology of Athanasius to shape a contemporary theology influenced by evolutionary and quantum science.  Here is a link to the article mentioned in the review.

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Resources relating to the forthcoming encyclical of Pope Francis

· ABC Religion and Ethics articles:

o   The Sacrament of Creation by Clive Hamilton

o   A response to Clive Hamilton at

     From eminent ecotheologican Celia Deane Drummond

· Address to Trocaire, Ireland by Cardinal Turcson:

. Earlier address by Donal Dorr:

From the Ground Up: Caring for the Planet’s Precious Soil

This very comprehensive resource has been prepared by the uniting Church for World Environment Day, 2015.  It could be used more widely than that.  Download at

Unburnable Carbon-New Report from the Climate Council

Our newest report is busting open the myth that Australia does not need to do anything. Pollution from Australia’s coal resources, particularly the enormous Galilee coal basin planned in Northern Queensland, are alone enough to change the world’s climate, and take us two-thirds of the way to a two degree rise in global temperature.  Download the report by clicking on the link.

Sustainable Living

Recycling Tips

These sites will facilitate your recycling: and

Links for Recycling

Check out this site for useful info and strategies: 

Although this site is from the USA it contains many helfpul suggestions   Thanks to a group of our readers for this link.

Thanks to a reader of our website for this link to info about composting:   There may be adjustments that need to be made for our climate and conditions as the site is from New York.

Ethical Consumption

The Ethical Consumer Group provides you with guides for sustainable shopping and more:

Purchase ecobins for home or work

You can purchase bins online at

Sustainable Seafood App

This app is a guide to purchasing seafood wisely: