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Review:  The Handbook

These are times not only for policy but also for practice.  This is a handbook about adaptation for the inevitable changes that are occurring as a result of climate change.  Review it here.


Vote for the Voiceless

The Catholic Bishops of Australia have released a statement on the upcoming election titled “Vote for the Voiceless”. Addressed to Catholics and all people of good will, the statement asks us to deeply listen to the voiceless - including "Earth's cry for justice" - and to use our vote and collective power for the good of the whole community.   The statement can be downloaded here:

They have also published a prayer which you can download at

Eco-Parish Guide   

The Eco-Parish Guide produced by the Global Catholic Climate Movement in the USA has been released!  You can download it from the new Eco-Parish webpage on their website.

Be inspired by this tribute to Mother Earth

This amazing piece comes to you, courtesy of Asia’s Got Talent:

The Great Barrier website

If you saw David Attenborough's ABC series on the Great Barrier Reef, you will probably be interested in a brilliant interactive website based on the series. The graphics and underwater video footage are simply amazing.

For World Environment Day, 5 June

From the Uniting Church

This year's World Environment Day resource is now available.  It has resources for the lectionary readings for 5 June, but is designed to be used at any time.  This year's resource explores the theme “Together for a World Made Whole”.  You can download the resource at

Sustainable Living

Recycling Tips

These sites will facilitate your recycling: and

Links for Recycling

Check out this site for useful info and strategies: 

Although this site is from the USA it contains many helfpul suggestions   Thanks to a group of our readers for this link.

Ethical Consumption

The Ethical Consumer Group provides you with guides for sustainable shopping and more:

Purchase ecobins for home or work

You can purchase bins online at

Sustainable Seafood App

This app is a guide to purchasing seafood wisely: